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Ignorance and bigotry are father and son

A friend recently sent me the attached article because he figured I would have something to say. He was right. I can usually let this kind of ignorance slide but this one really irritated me 😤.

This is a clear example of an ignorant bigot hiding behind his academic degrees to make terrible statements about a culture he doesn’t understand — making all of us look like idiots! Perhaps if he had done his research, he’d know that Muslims were responsible for the modern medical system, the field of psychology (the irony! — I refer him to Al Jawziyya’s “The Medicine of the Prophet [pbuh]”), physics, and the preservation of a huge portion of ancient Greek and early Roman literature (see Al ghazali). The world we live in today would NOT look the way it does without the incredible contributions of brilliant minds, who were also faithful Believers.

Indeed, many claim that religion and science are incompatible. Perhaps of interest to those people that Newton was a faithful Christian and in the second edition of his famous Principia he addressed questions about the compatibility of religion and his theories. “Hypothesis non fingo,” he wrote, meaning “I make no hypothesis.” In essence, addressing the inability of the natural sciences to adequately address questions about faith and religion. I think we would all do well to recall his insight once in a while.

Nicolai Sennels: “Cultural psychology: How Islam managed to stay medieval for 1,400 years


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